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Author Kaja Blackley and Linda McDade, Maggie’s audiobook narrator, will be donating 10% of their gross profit from the sales of the Maggie’s audiobook to Dyslexia Scotland, and 10% of their gross profit from the sales of the audiobook to Dyslexia Canada.

Linda McDade is dyslexic, and both she and Kaja believe that it is of the utmost importance to shine a light on dyslexia in order to help children and adults, many of whom still continue to suffer in silence, and to encourage ongoing research, education and due compassion to raise awareness for this genetic learning disability.

About the book:

Maggie is a ginger-haired, twelve-year-old orphan who has been passed from one foster family to the next all of her life. She never knows where she’ll end up so she’s become suspicious and independent, scrappy and resourceful.

As the story begins, Maggie is yet again placed into foster care – this time into a much more welcoming family. But Maggie can’t shake the feeling that something is a bit irregular about her new home and its charming, yet eccentric, inhabitants. She slowly ends up having to toss everything she understood about herself and her life out the window. By that time, things have gone pear-shaped – it’s too late for her to run from the approaching danger.

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Maggie MacCormack and the Witches’ Wheel™

Hard Cover: CAD $40 

Soft Cover: CAD $20 

e-Book: CAD $9.99

Audiobook available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes worldwide.