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Shipping Guidelines

The table below displays the shipping and handling charges applied to online orders. At this time, we ship items to destinations within Canada, the United States and Great Britain. We do not ship to prisons or correctional facilities.

Delivery charges are displayed in Canadian dollars and include shipping and handling. During the checkout process, you will be able to select your preferred shipping service. The cost will be calculated for you and displayed upon checkout.

Please note: The exchange rate for customers paying for their orders in British Pounds and US dollars is highly favourable. As of this writing, £1 Sterling = CAD1.72; 1 USD = CAD1.34. Exchange rates vary daily.

All amounts referred to in the table below are in Canadian dollars.

Shipping Rate Canada Per Book Delivery Time (After Processing)
Soft Cover $8.50 4-10 Days
Hard Cover $11.50 4-10 Days
Slipcase Edition $17.50 4-10 Days
Yukon and Nunavut $7 surcharge
Shipping Rate USA Per Book Delivery Time (After Processing)
Soft Cover $17.50 10-14 Days
Hard Cover $22.50 10-14 Days
Slipcase Edition $27.50 10-14 Days
Alaska $7 surcharge
Shipping Method UK Per Book Delivery Time (After Processing)
Soft Cover $50.00 2-3 Weeks
Hard Cover $60.50 2-3 Weeks
Slipcase Edition $70.00 2-3 Weeks

The delivery time frame for each item will vary based on the the specific item(s) you have purchased. We are a small company and, depending on the amount of orders on any given day, processing times for each order can add 3 business days to the delivery time.

Additional shipping per additional book purchased in a single order is charged as follows: Soft cover – $3 Canada; $9 USA; $25 UK. Hard Cover – $6 Canada; $14 USA; $35 UK. Slipcase Edition – $12 Canada; $19 USA; $45 UK.

Flat Rate Shipping in Canada: average delivery in 4-10 Business Days, but can take 2-3 weeks for Yukon.

Flat Rate Shipping to USA: average delivery in the United States in 10-14 Business Days, but may take up to 19 Business Days.

Flat Rate Shipping to UK: average delivery in the United Kingdom in 2-3 weeks, but may take up to 1 month.

If you purchase more than one item, it is possible that your order will be delivered in multiple shipments.

We are not responsible for customs delays, which do happen from time to time.